Mustard Greens and Lentils

I’ve heard a lot of people complain that being a vegetarian is an uphill task. I completely understand. I know what they mean: they have to be on the job 24/7. Especially if they are cooking for a family and are in charge of the kids diets, they have to be particularly watchful about incorporating […]

Cilantro Green Chutney

Growing up in India meant growing up eating Indian food. And eating Indian food meant nearly every dish was garnished with chopped cilantro leaves. I have lived in many cities and towns in India. The most ubiquitous factor in an Indian family’s life is their “sabziwallah” and “keerai-kari”. “Sabziwallah” simply means “vegetable man”. He would […]

7 or 9 Vegetable Stew – Thiruvadarai Kootu

Back in the days before the world became global, and the local produce store carried vegetables from all over the world regardless of season, we used to eat seasonally and locally grown vegetables. In Southern India, with its arid conditions, it was wonder if you managed to get 7 or 9 different kinds of vegetables […]

Greening the Green Beans!

I love green beans, but dislike them when they are fried out of recognition, as is often done in Indian cooking. I especially love the way my mother cuts them – chopped really fine. When you chop green beans really fine, you need to stir fry it for just a few minutes on high heat […]