Potatoes in a jiffy – Paani Aloo

As an Air Force brat, I have traveled the length and breadth of India during my formative years. Every two years we would pack our bags and move yet again. During one of those trips, I came across a sight that remains seared in my mind. Our train had stopped at a station in Rajasthan […]

Crisp curried potatoes

Most people have a love-hate relationship with the much-maligned, most beloved spud – the potato. Since time immemorial, the potato has graced mankind’s table as the number one comfort food. The comfort of eating potatoes, spans cultures, cuisines, class and race. Why is that? For one, it is available year round. Second, it is cheap. […]

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings!

“You ARE what you eat!” an 8 year-old voice solemnly proclaimed from the back of my car. I swung around to look at my son’s friend, seated next to my son, and nearly hit a curb. Then I turned back to the road and pretended not to hear so the boys could continue with the […]

The Abominable Weather man

The weather forecast for tonight is freezing rain, sleet and snow. Unfortunately, the American weather man is rarely wrong. I can hear the wind slamming at the windows and the drops of rain ricocheting off the glass. It is dark out. And gloomy. And freezing cold. Subbu, our cat, made a valiant effort to go […]

Potato, Potaato, Tomato, Tomaato

My lil’ sister Indu, is multi-talented. She is a renowned author and writes very fabulous novels. Call me biased, if you will, but she’s onto her 4th book now and we are all very thrilled about her books. For my readers with a literary bent, here is a link to the review of her 4th […]