Brain food – Stir-fried Curried Okra

As a young child growing up in a South Indian Brahmin household, it was not surprising that I was reared to be a vegetarian, save for an odd serving of eggs, once in a while. We were considered a “progressive” brahmin family because my father ate eggs and my mother cooked them. But eggs aside, […]

Green Apple in Yogurt Sauce

South Indian Brahmins are known for their enormous affinity for yogurt. In India, people refer to yogurt as “curd”. No meal, and I mean literally no meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack, is complete without a bowl of homemade curd. Yogurt in India is usually home-made with live culture. Every night, before the housewife […]

Colorful Pepper Salad

I know this may sound incongruous, but vegetarian Indians are not big fans of salads. In fact, not many Indian I know are salad eaters. Oh, don’t get me wrong; vegetarian Indians do eat vegetables. Only not in salad form. Vegetables are a must at every meal – only they are cooked, steamed, curried or […]