Sweet Potato Spicy Soup

Winter days always bring to mind, images of my older sister, wrapped cosily in a blanket, on a “charpoy” (rope cot) placed on the lush green lawn, sunning herself after a wonderful lunch. Those were the days we used to live in Jodhpur, a city in the desert state of Rajasthan. Summers in Rajasthan were […]

Spiced Yogurt Rice – Thair Sadam

People in some communities in Southern India, usually eat a 3-course meal for lunch everyday. Now, this information could probably make you wonder how they manage to keep slim. But that is a long story meant for another blog post. They generally start off with rice, vegetables and a spicy tamarind sauce called “sambar“, pronounced […]

Greening the Green Beans!

I love green beans, but dislike them when they are fried out of recognition, as is often done in Indian cooking. I especially love the way my mother cuts them – chopped really fine. When you chop green beans really fine, you need to stir fry it for just a few minutes on high heat […]

Collar the Collard!

If you are not like my husband, 🙂 you’ll probably love to eat your salads. And if you are like most people (including me!), you’ll also probably smother those salads with dressings to mask the taste of raw greens and console yourself that some nutrients are getting into your body! 🙂 Now, there are some […]


Back in the 80’s and 90’s, when I used to live in the great city of Chennai, in India, we did everything Americans are now trying to do in the name of going Green. The vegetables we bought were  locally grown, organic (because farmers found pesticides expensive at that time), and we patronized small farmers. […]