Fusion Garden Omlette – Cooking on a Shoestring Budget

Sunday mornings are meant to be for lazing, relaxing and recuperating after a strenuous week. And so it was almost a family tradition that Sunday breakfasts were eaten out. It seems like Sunday breakfasts at restaurants is a family tradition for many, because the restaurants I frequent are filled to bursting on Sundays. 🙂 When […]

Fusion French Toast

As a child living in India, I had only heard about but never tasted the French Toast. In my imagination, it seemed like a very fancy breakfast dish, somehow akin to the French souffles. It brought to mind romantic images of the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame. For a very long time, I remember, I […]

Fusion Egg Sandwich

My mother is a meticulous cook. She is also a patient cook. She’ll spend hours in the kitchen, preparing, chopping, mincing, slow roasting over the fire, tending to her dishes with love and it shows. The epicurean delight that her meals evoke is something that I aspire to, and am constantly working towards. I, on […]