Jack of all fruit!

The luscious Mango is generally referred to as the King of all fruit in India. If there is a King of fruit, stands to reason there must be a Jack of all fruit – behold the Jackfruit! This fruit is a particular favorite in India with its buttery yellow, smooth tasting, deliciously sweet sections and […]

Brain food – Stir-fried Curried Okra

As a young child growing up in a South Indian Brahmin household, it was not surprising that I was reared to be a vegetarian, save for an odd serving of eggs, once in a while. We were considered a “progressive” brahmin family because my father ate eggs and my mother cooked them. But eggs aside, […]

Crisp curried potatoes

Most people have a love-hate relationship with the much-maligned, most beloved spud – the potato. Since time immemorial, the potato has graced mankind’s table as the number one comfort food. The comfort of eating potatoes, spans cultures, cuisines, class and race. Why is that? For one, it is available year round. Second, it is cheap. […]