Healthy Rice Flakes breakfast

Rice flakes, or Poha, as it is called in Hindi, is one of my husband’s favorite breakfast dishes. It is also my favorite dish, simply because it is very very quick and easy to put together on a busy morning and it can also be made healthy and fulfilling by throwing in some crunchy vegetables, […]

Universal Truth!

Tis a truth, universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a large fortune must be in need of a wife! – so wrote Jane Austen in the opening lines of her famous “Pride and Prejudice”. I agree! I agree! “Tis a truth universally acknowledged, that only people who love to eat, can really […]

Leftover magic – Fixing the bad dish…

We had dosa for breakfast today. And I was too lazy to make the accompaniments of Chutney, Sambar etc. So, we did what we usually do – use one of the leftover dishes that was bought from a restaurant. We had been to a Thai place a couple of days ago and ordered a Coconut […]