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Calabaza Squash Chutney – Cooking on Shoestring Budget

It seems like everyday brings us bad news about our economy. Jobs lost, businesses floundering, people on unemployment, children displaced…Even if you are not directly affected, someone you know might be. I know it is easy to be disheartened. But, at times like this, it is even more important to stay healthy, focused and strong. […]

February 2009 Roundup

February has been a month of many delicious new trials and some hot favorites. With the winter snow blanketing the ground, and the slushy, slippery streets to deal with, it has been a month of warm, cozy meals by the fireside, safely ensconced in the family home. We started the month off with the Goat […]

Fresh Homemade Vegetable and Fruit nectar

My childhood has been filled with gossamer dreams, some woven by me, but many woven by both my grandfathers. As a young child, I was fortunate in having extended family that was very involved in my life. Both my grandfathers were story tellers. Summer evenings were usually spent under the starry skies, sitting around grandpa’s […]