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Delectably crisp crepes! – The penta-grain dosa

I started this blog because I am so interested in adapting traditional Indian recipes to make them healthier, tastier and easier-to-make. During the course of my writings, I have started to solicit reader recipes, since many minds work better than one! Here is a post written by my mother, Madhuram – recipe courtesy, my sister, […]

Fusion Garden Omlette – Cooking on a Shoestring Budget

Sunday mornings are meant to be for lazing, relaxing and recuperating after a strenuous week. And so it was almost a family tradition that Sunday breakfasts were eaten out. It seems like Sunday breakfasts at restaurants is a family tradition for many, because the restaurants I frequent are filled to bursting on Sundays. 🙂 When […]

Healthy Rice Flakes breakfast

Rice flakes, or Poha, as it is called in Hindi, is one of my husband’s favorite breakfast dishes. It is also my favorite dish, simply because it is very very quick and easy to put together on a busy morning and it can also be made healthy and fulfilling by throwing in some crunchy vegetables, […]

The Cup Spilleth Over…

Pongal is one of the most anticipated festivals in South India, next only to the ubiquitous Diwali (festival of lamps). Pongal is the harvest festival and the word “Pongal” literally means to boil over, spill over, the cup spilleth over… Abundance. Now that the world seems to be upside down and we are all focused […]

Green revolution

Since I had ruined my good eating habits by succumbing to the sinful Bread Roll yesterday, I was anxious to get back on track with a healthy brunch for my family. The first that springs to mind is a fabulously filling, sumptuous, wonderfully holier-than-thou dish – the great Pesarattu! Crepes are a dish of pride, […]