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Fusion Garden Omlette – Cooking on a Shoestring Budget

Sunday mornings are meant to be for lazing, relaxing and recuperating after a strenuous week. And so it was almost a family tradition that Sunday breakfasts were eaten out. It seems like Sunday breakfasts at restaurants is a family tradition for many, because the restaurants I frequent are filled to bursting on Sundays. 🙂 When […]

Black Sesame Seeds and Sugar Beet Whole Wheat Fusion Bread – Cooking on a Shoestring Budget

There can be nothing more satisfying than breaking bread with a group of your friends to seal the camaraderie. From time immemorial, breaking bread signifies a shared bond, a sense of togetherness and every warm, fuzzy and friendly feeling. Baking bread is my favorite pastime. The aroma of freshly baked bread must surely be one […]

February 2009 Roundup

February has been a month of many delicious new trials and some hot favorites. With the winter snow blanketing the ground, and the slushy, slippery streets to deal with, it has been a month of warm, cozy meals by the fireside, safely ensconced in the family home. We started the month off with the Goat […]

Cilantro Green Chutney

Growing up in India meant growing up eating Indian food. And eating Indian food meant nearly every dish was garnished with chopped cilantro leaves. I have lived in many cities and towns in India. The most ubiquitous factor in an Indian family’s life is their “sabziwallah” and “keerai-kari”. “Sabziwallah” simply means “vegetable man”. He would […]

Fusion French Toast

As a child living in India, I had only heard about but never tasted the French Toast. In my imagination, it seemed like a very fancy breakfast dish, somehow akin to the French souffles. It brought to mind romantic images of the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame. For a very long time, I remember, I […]