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Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

In the spirit of Christmas, I baked something that I’ve always wanted to. It is snowing outside and the wind was blowing so hard in the direction of our home that the snow has piled up deep and high on our driveway. Everywhere around is a sea of pure white snow. The trees are dripping […]

Collar the Collard!

If you are not like my husband, 🙂 you’ll probably love to eat your salads. And if you are like most people (including me!), you’ll also probably smother those salads with dressings to mask the taste of raw greens and console yourself that some nutrients are getting into your body! 🙂 Now, there are some […]

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings!

“You ARE what you eat!” an 8 year-old voice solemnly proclaimed from the back of my car. I swung around to look at my son’s friend, seated next to my son, and nearly hit a curb. Then I turned back to the road and pretended not to hear so the boys could continue with the […]

The Cup Spilleth Over…

Pongal is one of the most anticipated festivals in South India, next only to the ubiquitous Diwali (festival of lamps). Pongal is the harvest festival and the word “Pongal” literally means to boil over, spill over, the cup spilleth over… Abundance. Now that the world seems to be upside down and we are all focused […]

The Abominable Weather man

The weather forecast for tonight is freezing rain, sleet and snow. Unfortunately, the American weather man is rarely wrong. I can hear the wind slamming at the windows and the drops of rain ricocheting off the glass. It is dark out. And gloomy. And freezing cold. Subbu, our cat, made a valiant effort to go […]