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  Welcome to Dash of Masala.com!

Are you the type who trolls the Internet for interesting food blogs?

Are you always looking for healthy adaptations for traditional recipes?

Rava KesariAre you the adventurous kind who likes to try out new recipes for family and friends but get frustrated trying to source the correct ingredients and spices? Maybe you have managed to gather the necessary spices. But then you find that the smallest packet you buy has so much more spice than you'll ever need, that its languishing in its plastic bag, tied with a twist tie at the back of your larder, cluttering it up!

Did you ever wish that the ingredients for the delectable recipe you see on the screen, magically appear in front of you when you are in the mood to try it out?

If so, you have come to the right site!

At Dash of Masala, you'll find -
-  healthy, tasty and good-for-you recipes complete with easy to understand instructions
-  the ability to instantly buy online just the correct amount of pre-packaged spices and dry ingredients required for the recipe
-  a blog which frames each recipe in an interesting story or anecdote
-  information about Dash of Masala's healthy products.

Come, stay for a bit, wander around and make yourself comfortable. Leave a comment on the blog, order ingredients for your recipe.

Check out Dash of Masala's signature product - Sassy Lassi - a divinely scrumptious, sublimely delicious, yogurt beverage made from probiotic yogurt, which is hand-set in a traditional Indian way with live, active culture. Only the purest ingredients and safest methods are used to produce this beverage.

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